The definitive photovoltaic thermography tool


Predictive maintenance using aerial thermography with drones. Web platform for O&M to keep thermal defects of photovoltaic modules under control and take immediate actions to correct them.


Maintenance of photovoltaic installations through thermographic analysis with drones

Identify, resolve and track anomalies quickly

Our web platform prioritizes and recommends actions to take based on their importance and repairability so that you can optimize your time. Share with 1 click to the field technician to resolve them or manage the warranty of the photovoltaic module.

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Detects thermal problems, optimizes performance and increases renewable energy production in solar plants.


Detects and corrects thermal problems in industrial photovoltaic roofs, maximizing efficiency.


Visual inspection from the air identifying problems and ensuring the integrity of the solar plant.


You will ensure the quality and efficiency of the photovoltaic plant from day one.


Improve the relationship with the owners using the best tool for the maintenance of their photovoltaic plants

Generate a fully customizable and quality PDF report with the impact of the good work you do for the owners of photovoltaic plants.

Photovoltaic thermography that allows you to get ahead and avoid serious problems in solar plants.

Our predictive models based on millions of data and taking into account weather, location, type of module… predict the evolution of module defects and the appearance of new ones


Who we are

Solardrone is a company specialized in predictive maintenance of photovoltaic systems using aerial thermography. Through our web platform, we provide a quick and easy way to identify and correct thermal defects in your solar panels.

Our goal is to maximize the efficiency and performance of your solar installations through immediate actions based on the information obtained.

Thermally analyze your photovoltaic panels

Increase your effectiveness by reducing the time your technicians spend checking the solar plant

The biggest expense in O&M is staff time. Our optimal workflow minimizes the time your technicians have to spend on thermal defects. Our mobile app tells the technician exactly where the defects are thanks to photovoltaic thermography.

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